“Immersion” Impresses and Inspires

 Cal Poly’s Orchesis dance company displayed exceptional talent in their recent performance, Immersion

Photographed by Christina Favuzzi

Cal Poly’s elite dance company, Orchesis, presented a beautifully impressive showcase of hard work and tremendous talent in their recent performance entitled, Immersion.

The dancers have spent the past several months preparing for the six shows, which were on January 27-29 and February 2-4 in Cal Poly’s Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre.

The show consisted of several pieces choreographed by Cal Poly dance faculty, as well as pieces by four guest choreographers and three student choreographers.

Immersion began with a piece entitled “Torque,” choreographed by Orchesis Dance Company Director, Diana Stanton. The music’s heavy bass beat matched the dancers’ sharp movements and strong attack. The partnering and resistance work was particularly impressive.

Illustrated and Photographed by Christina Favuzzi

A Dancer’s Perspective

Melissa Smitheram, sophomore nutrition major and Orchesis company member, danced in a classical, yet lively ballet piece called “Plaza de la Villa,” set to the music of Carmen and choreographed by Cal Poly dance teacher, Lisa Deyo.

“The most challenging part of my performance in Immersion was staying on top of my movements,” Melissa said. “With school and late night rehearsals we were all pretty exhausted.”

So how did she make it through all the rehearsals, late nights,and keeping up with schoolwork?

“I stayed energized and healthy through the long rehearsals by eating well, working out, and getting as much sleep as I could. We would end our rehearsals and performances around 10:15 every night, so it was challenging to study and get enough rest.”

After months of rehearsal, Melissa said she will miss her Orchesis friends, but she will not forget the passion she discovered through her performance in Immersion.

“I learned that I am so passionate about dance! I do not know what I am going to do without seeing and dancing with my friends in the company every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-10 p.m. now!” –Melissa Smitheram, Cal Poly Orchesis Dance Company Member

Photographed by Christina Favuzzi

Dancers in the Audience

For a dancer in the audience, myself included, watching the performers on stage was an inspiring experience.

Jane Redmond, a freshman journalism major and lifelong dancer said watching Immerison made her miss performing.

“It made me miss that feeling of being on stage but it also made me look forward to performing with my dance studio at home this summer,” Jane said.

“It’s like a reinforcement of why I love dancing so much when I have the opportunity to see performances like Immersion.” –Jane Redmond, Cal Poly freshman and recreational dancer

Jane was impressed by the variety of pieces and dance styles in Immersion.

“There wasn’t really a theme to the show, which I liked, because you got a taste of a lot of different types of dance. That was refreshing,” said Jane.

Both Jane and kinesiology freshman Melissa Hollister, said that the piece entitled “Coexistence,” was especially memorable. Computer science senior and Orchesis company member, Ryan Badilla, choreographed “Coexistence.” The dancers wore black, full body suits and two red masks, one on their face and one on the back of their heads. This created a creepy and effective optical illusion that stuck with audiences long after the piece ended.

Immersion Inspires

Melissa Hollister said watching the Orchesis dancers in Immersion has inspired her to audition for the dance company next year.

“Seeing Immersion made me realize how diverse the dance styles are that Orchesis performs. Also, the whole performance just seems like it’d be so much fun to be a part of.” –Melissa Hollister, Cal Poly freshman and recreational dancer

Looking for Local Dance Classes?

If seeing an inspirational show like Immersion has encouraged you to start taking dance classes, the San Luis Obispo area is a great place to start your dance career. The Google Map below pinpoints local studios that you might consider taking class at.

Dance Obispo
• Academy of Dance San Luis Obispo
• CORE Dance
• Street Heat Dance Studio
• Dello Performing Arts Center

If you can’t make it downtown to take dance class, the Cal Poly Rec Center offers jazz dance and cardio dance sculpt classes…for free!

Cal Poly students can also take dance classes in Crandall Gym through the Cal Poly Dance Department. Most classes are two units and meet twice a week. There are beginning, intermediate, and advanced level classes.

Dance Obispo

Looking for Lovely Leos?

Whether you’re a new dancer or a prima ballerina, everyone needs a pretty leotard. Downtown SLO’s The Dance Shop, located on Morro Street, provides a great selection of leotards, shoes, and general dance apparel.

The Dance Shop