Twinkle Toes? Twitter Toes!

Follow Lashes and Leotards on Twitter!

Lashes and Leotards is now on Twitter, username @LashesnLeotards. You can find the widget to follow me on the right side of the page. Although I’d love for you to also follow my personal Twitter account, @ChristinaFav, my Lashes and Leos account will focus solely on dance related topics.

Before signing up for Twitter, I thought it was a totally unnecessary social media. Who wants to read a bunch of status updates from people who obviously have too much time on their hands?

Well, I don’t believe that ignorance is bliss, so about 2 years ago I challenged myself to give Twitter a chance. And I have been happily tweeting ever since! Fair warning, my tweets are not prolific 140 character phrases, but they are fun insights into my life and interests.

What I enjoy more than tweeting is following. On my personal account I follow over 70 journalists and news organizations, along with my favorite celebrities and other miscellaneous “tweeters.” On my blog account, I follow professional dancers and dance companies.

Twitter is an excellent way to gather quick information. I also appreciate that it stimulates individual investigative journalism. If I read a tweet that intrigues me but the 140 characters don’t satisfy me, I’ll troll the internet for more information until I find the answers.

All I ask is that you give Twitter a chance. I was a hesitant hater once too, but I now see Twitter as a valuable social media and news source. Go tweet!


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