Something’s different…

Have you noticed anything different about the Lashes and Leotards page? Well you may have noticed that the addition of menus has made the site a little easier to navigate. Thanks to a great web tutorial by SiteSparker I learned how to add menus to my blog. There is now a menu with several buttons directly below the header. I have also created a footer menu at the bottom of the page. As I write and develop content for the site, I will continue to update my menus to improve the ease of navigation and accessibility for my readers.

Although I didn’t seek the expertise of web tutorials, I spent many hours clicking through the Dashboard and figuring out how to set up a a link to “Like” the Lashes and Leotards page via Facebook. And with that being said, I encourage you to visit the Lashes and Leotards Facebook page. I have also set up a Twitter account under the name LashenLeotards. Please visit these pages and follow me! I so appreciate your support and hope you enjoy my blog!


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